Salute to Freedom

What a Success!!!

I wanted to thank everyone who contributed to the overall success of the 1st Annual “San Ignacio’s Salute to Freedom” golf tournament benefiting “Folds of Honor”. Our maintenance staff had the golf course in great condition and the weather was near perfect. San Ignacio’s outside services team, pro shop staff and range staff were as usual perfectly on point.

The day opened with a ceremony where we dedicated to our Veterans, the newly erected flag pole and a bronze plaque, which James worked tirelessly to embed into a boulder. It says, “To Those Who Served And Provided The Freedom To Play Golf Today Thank You”. The golf scores were excellent with several net scores returned in the mid-60s. Great fun was had by most everyone. Thank you to Morgan North who personally supplemented extra prize money for each of the 6 different flights

Along with the golf, we also raised money for “Folds of Honor”, a scholarship fund for families of disabled or lost Veterans. Thank you to special sponsors: Borderland Construction, Crest Insurance, YP55, and UStor for helping make our event more fun for everyone. My friend Dan Murr with U-Stor storage units organized a 50/50 raffle drawing that Fred and Elissa Helfers won and then donated back half of their winnings. We took flat donations and the golf pro played a “Marathon Day” of golf Tuesday where he played as many holes as his age would allow. Sponsors (mostly San Ignacio members) promised to pay from .25 cents to $1.50 per hole. Gary Oberfeld and Dave Pickering help chauffer him to his golf balls for speed of play and Ron Pross and Tom Veatch parted the way for him to get through the other 160 golfers on the course that day. With their help, the Pro was able to play 126 holes in 9 hours. For those who did promise to donate—-now is the time, if you did not get the chance to sign up earlier but would like to donate, please see us in the pro shop. At last count, our little 1st annual tournament raised over $6000 all of which will go to “Folds of Honor”. I am very impressed and proud of San Ignacio’s membership and staff.

Feeling Patriotic,

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